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 At Better Living Foundation we intend to enhance the potential of the individual by giving him better tools of survival, better conditions in which to thrive, better reasons for living.

First of all education imbues the individual with the culture in which he lives and gives him the skills to develop  to his potential, better enabling him to live to the full.

Secondly changing his environment into one which is less upsetting, is happier for him and in which he can grow, also serves to make an individual a more rounded person doing better in life.

To accomplish this goal, we approach corporate sectors for funding to enable us to make all such enlightening and mentoring materials available to everyone interested in receiving it. Different programs can be delivered depending on your Company’s budget or the budget of the educational institution.

It is therefore our humble request, that you consider this tax deductible donation as a means of your organisation’s own social upliftment investment, whilst knowing that the lives of many will be positively impacted for years to come and as a result, creating a truly better life for many South Africans.  In the event where you perhaps can not contribute towards a specific course, we would like to assure you that Any and All donations are gladly welcomed. Please contact us for more information.

 Only through personal enlightenment can a sense of individual responsibility be re- established, that will create the commitment to follow through on the application of these motivating and educational programs. This will accomplish self-betterment for the individual in his life, living conditions and his environment.

On behalf of Better Living Foundation and all its Beneficiaries, we thank you for your kind consideration of this ever important aspect of social awareness.



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